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Make your resume work for you - turn it into a personal website!

create your .de instead of .docx change your Resume into a personal website with your domain name

Why Build a Personal Website?

Kollegen, die im Büro arbeiten
Make Recruiters Notice You

Gain a competitive adventage by personalizing your own professional website. Showcase your portfolio and give an overview of your career-related skills and knowledge.

How Does it Work ?

Building a personal website has never been this easy ! It takes only two minutes to create it with these three simple steps:

Design Website
Eco-Konferenz Web Design
Mode Web Design
Portfolio Web Design

1. Chose your template

Multiple creative template designs that suits your preferences

Stories - Call To Action (Story).png
Screenshot 2022-09-22 194343.png

2. Upload your resume

Upload an existing document or write down your experiences by filling our form

3. Choose a plan and submit

Choose a package among our three offers. After payment, your website will be up and running within a few days

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